SDL audio performance?

Hello Sam,

SDL audio works very fine for me, thanks.

Under Linux the only problem are the various libc
incompatibilites, and many people seem not to be
able to compile the pysolsoundserver by themselves.
Fortunately a lot of prebuilts RPMs for various
systems have shown up in the last time.

Under Win32 I had 2 minor problems:

  • Sound initialization failed if DirectX 3 was installed.
    The patch I sent in my other mail fixed the problem
    for me.

  • Many people complained that the sound was very silent.
    As SDL does volume control by itself I now set the global
    WaveOut volume to the max at audio initialization.
    See the file below - something like this should
    probably go into the SDL audio code.

MarkusOn 13-Apr-2000 Sam Lantinga wrote:

How is SDL audio working for you?

  -Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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