SDL Blits with OpenGL

For any of you that are still wondering about SDL Blits with OpenGL
enabled. I have switched to GL textures for GL sized bitmaps and
glDrawPixels for irregular sized bitmaps .

My app has a command line shell (overlay) that uses a homebrew font
library. The way I do this currently is a bit slow but it works fine
for my purposes. I use an SDL_Surface (NOT the framebuffer) to render
the text and then use glDrawPixels to send it to the screen. I still
get 150fps with only a few 3d textured objects being rendered by
OpenGL. Just have to remember that the surface pitch must be the same
as the pixel width and then all is well.

One waste of time is the flipping of the image (GL images are upside
down). I could do this while rendering the text but since I ported it
bothered so far.

Sending the console to the screen was as simple as this:

ah[CONSOLE].r.y + ah[CONSOLE].r.h);
(const GLvoid *)(as.console.surface->pixels));

Robin.from my non-OpenGL text command line interpreter (console) I have not

Robin Forster, Systems Engineer,