SDL_BlitScaled problems

Using the latest SDL 2 repository pull.

I’m having some problems with scaled blitting.? I’ve got an 8-bit, paletted surface, and I’m creating another surface with the same pixel format and the same palette, but twice as large in both dimensions.? I want to blit the old image onto the new one to scale it up.

It’s been quite a hassle getting that to work in the first place, since for some inexplicable reason SDL_LowerBlitScaled doesn’t seem to like paletted images and redirects me to SDL_LowerBlit instead, but without anything having set up the proper flags for SDL_LowerBlit to work, so what I end up with is no blit taking place because SDL_MapSurface can’t find anything that matches the flags.

So I ended up calling SDL_SoftStretch instead, which works just fine… until I tried to composite a second image over the top of it.? It did the stretch-blit but it didn’t respect the colorkey, so instead of compositing, I got the second image and that’s all.

So how do I get a scaled blit that composites properly?? (And no, turning it into textures and using OpenGL is not acceptable for what I’m trying to do here.? I’m doing image manipulation and I need to be able to save the result.)