SDL building with FBCon and DirectFB


I am using SDL in my application for an embedded environment. I have build
SDL with Fbcon option, So it was using the /dev/fb0 device and it was
working fine. But now my requirement is, i want to run multiple applications
with SDL so that each one will have the control to write onto the
framebuffer device.

If one application is initialized the SDL and using it, Can anyother
application can initialize SDL again…or is there any locking mechanism is

What i have observed is, when my main Display application is running, based
on the user input it will launch another sub applications. These sub
applications also does the SDL init() since the main Display app aleary
initialized and using the SDL Video " no other application can initialize it
again" . When i stop the main Display app, the sub application will get the

Here the framebuffer Device “/dev/fb0” is not blocked… We can open and
write to this device at any time…Then whichfactor is blocking the
SDL_Video init…?

Can anyone suggest me how to solve this problem…???

Or can i use DirectFB option in SDL , So that it can support multiple
applications use SDL video at the same time…

Please give me a solution for this…

Thanks in advance ,