SDL & Civilization

I’ve got another demo using the SDL. You can see a screenshot off of my
linux page
down towards the bottom. I saw a still shot of Eric’s Cascade, which is
written for the PPC and they sell it for $39, it’s just a screen saver.
I think $39 is way out of line. I liked the idea so wrote my own. Now what
to do with it? Probably not any cash in it so I thought I’d see if you were
interested in including it in the demos set. It’s really quite impressive.

Cool, I’d love to include it in the demos set.
Can you send me the code?

I’ve put up the source on my web site at
The tarball is on

I started with my Bomberman game source so there is some legacy code
there…Eventually I’ll add some features and clean it up. Feel free to
include it in your demos. Let me know what you think.