SDL compilation under Borland Builder C++ 5.5

I’ve downloaded the SDL distribution and followed the instructions in the
BorlandC.html file. Everything seems to work okay except that after it
compiles all the files for the SDL dll, I get a bunch of compiler
errors(during the make process, I assume, since those errors pop up when I
only try to make the project) concerning a header file called GL.H. Now
there’s nothing wrong with that header since I’ve tested it in an empty
project and everything works fine, so I’m suspecting that something that
calls it is missing something somewhere. Problem is, I can’t find what
file links to that .H, and I can’t fix the problem unless I can find that
file… :slight_smile:
I’d appreciate if anyone could enlight me on the subject. I love Builder
C++, and I’d really like using it for my SDL development needs…

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