SDL_Config 0.1

Hi guys

I’d like to announce, that today, first public release of SDL_Config is ready to be downloaded and tested. As I remember, some people were interested in it, so I thought that I will write here…

In current version (0.1) internally are used strictly-C++ constructs, such as std::map, std::iostreams, std::string etc. so you must use C++. C is currently not supported (but it will be).

Despite that fact, library was thoroughly tested, and I think, that it can be used in real-life projects (but be warned that it still lacks many features). All standard types are supported (bool, int, float, text), groups and comments are correctly parsed, and files can be saved without any problems. Most Windows .INI files should be parsed without problems (if only they have " around text values).

Here’s its homepage: