Does anyone on here use the SDL_Config library? I’m running version 0.5, and I have a few problems…

I can read from the file with no problems, getting data from whichever variables I have in my config file.

I cannot write new values to the variables (aka. “keys” in SDL_config-speak). I write the value, the CFG_WriteInt function returns 1 (OK)
but then saving the file and closing it totally wipes all contents of the file, leaving me with a 0 byte size file… :frowning:

Here is my code:

CFG_File setupFile;
int SettingsConfig = CFG_OpenFile("settings.txt",&setupFile);
if ((SettingsConfig==CFG_ERROR) || (SettingsConfig==CFG_CRITICAL_ERROR))
    // Serious error - quit!
if (CFG_SelectGroup("Group1",0)==CFG_OK)
    Variable1 = CFG_ReadInt("Item1",1);
     // Works OK 

// File is now 0 bytes!!! empty!!

Can anyone help?

Many Thanks!___________________________________________________________
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