[SDL Crash] Crash at sdl_destroy_all()

Hi All,

I am using PJSIP+FFMPEG+SDL on Windows 7-64Bit with following flags->


And while creating Video Call, its getting crashed at following function->

sdl_dev.c-> sdl_destroy_all() Line 660

PFA the CallStack for the crash scenario.
Please let me know, if anyone has seen this crash or Any help to fix this.
Thanks in Advance.

Below are the snapshot of PJSIP logs : -
–end msg–
16:28:02.523 tsx15FDE85C .Incoming Response msg 200/INVITE/cseq=16535
(rdata14775DB4) in state Proceeding
16:28:02.523 tsx15FDE85C …State changed from Proceeding to Terminated,
16:28:02.523 dlg15FAB85C …Received Response msg 200/INVITE/cseq=16535
16:28:02.523 dlg15FAB85C …Route-set updated
16:28:02.523 dlg15FAB85C …Route-set frozen
16:28:02.523 dlg15FAB85C …Transaction tsx15FDE85C state changed to
16:28:02.524 pjsua_aud.c …Conf disconnect: 1 -x- 0
16:28:02.524 conference.c …Port 1 (ringback) stop transmitting to
port 0 (Wave mapper)
16:28:02.524 inv15FAB85C …Got SDP answer in Response msg
200/INVITE/cseq=16535 (rdata14775DB4)
16:28:02.524 inv15FAB85C …SDP negotiation done, status=0
16:28:02.524 pjsua_call.c …Call 0: remote NAT type is 0 (Unknown)
16:28:02.524 pjsua_media.c …Call 0: updating media…
16:28:02.524 pjsua_aud.c …Audio channel update…
16:28:02.525 strm1602783C …VAD temporarily disabled
16:28:02.525 rtp.c …pjmedia_rtp_session_init: ses=1602AF70,
default_pt=0, ssrc=0x3cf42ae0
16:28:02.525 rtp.c …pjmedia_rtp_session_init: ses=1602CE20,
default_pt=0, ssrc=0x3cf42ae0
16:28:02.525 stream.c …Stream strm1602783C created
16:28:02.525 strm1602783C …Encoder stream started
16:28:02.525 strm1602783C …Decoder stream started
16:28:02.525 resample.c …resample created: high qualiy, large
filter, in/out rate=8000/16000
16:28:02.525 resample.c …resample created: high qualiy, large
filter, in/out rate=16000/8000
16:28:02.525 pjsua_media.c …Audio updated, stream #0: PCMU (sendrecv)
16:28:02.525 pjsua_vid.c …Video channel update…
16:28:02.525 pjsua_media.c …Video updated, stream #1: (inactive)
16:28:02.525 pjsua_aud.c …Conf connect: 3 --> 0
16:28:02.525 conference.c …Port 3 (sip:URL) transmitting to port 0
(Wave mapper)
16:28:02.525 pjsua_aud.c …Conf connect: 0 --> 3
16:28:02.525 conference.c …Port 0 (Wave mapper) transmitting to
port 3 (sip:URL)
16:28:02.526 inv15FAB85C …Received Response msg
200/INVITE/cseq=16535 (rdata14775DB4), sending ACK
16:28:02.526 endpoint …Request msg ACK/cseq=16535 (tdta1603CFF8)
16:28:02.526 dlg15FAB85C …Sending Request msg ACK/cseq=16535
16:28:02.526 sip_resolve.c …Target ‘IP:0’ type=TCP resolved to
’IP:5060’ type=TCP (TCP transport)
16:28:02.526 pjsua_core.c …TX 464 bytes Request msg ACK/cseq=16535
(tdta1603CFF8) to tcp IP:5060:
ACK sip:sgc_c at IP;transport=tcp SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP
Max-Forwards: 70
Call-ID: c33c3263df4047adb5e3e1d268550255
CSeq: 16535 ACK
Route: sip:IP;transport=tcp;lr
Content-Length: 0

–end msg–
16:28:02.527 tsx15FDE85C Timeout timer event
16:28:02.527 tsx15FDE85C .State changed from Terminated to Destroyed,
16:28:02.527 tsx15FDE85C …Transaction destroyed!
16:28:02.540 Master/sound !Underflow, buf_cnt=0, will generate 1 frame
16:28:02.541 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.541 strm1602783C Jitter buffer is bufferring (prefetch=0), plc
16:28:02.541 strm1602783C Start talksprut…
16:28:02.543 pjsua_vid.c !Starting preview for cap_dev=-1, show=0
16:28:02.543 pjsua_vid.c .Creating video window: type=preview,
cap_id=-1, rend_id=-2
16:28:02.543 vid_port.c …Opening device USB Video Device [dshow] for
capture: format=YUY2, size=640x480 @25:1 fps
16:28:02.561 strm1602783C !GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.581 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.601 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.623 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.643 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.662 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.683 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.703 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.724 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.744 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.755 vid_port.c !..Device USB Video Device [dshow] opened:
format=YUY2, size=640x480 @25:1 fps
16:28:02.756 vid_port.c …Opening device SDL renderer [SDL] for
render: format=YUY2, size=640x480 @25:1 fps
16:28:02.764 strm1602783C !GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.784 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.804 strm1602783C GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.811 sdl_dev.c !..Stopping sdl video stream
16:28:02.825 strm1602783C !GET prefetch_cnt=0/0
16:28:02.832 strm1602783C !RTP status: badpt=0, badssrc=0, dup=0,
outorder=0, probation=-1, restart=0
16:28:02.832 strm1602783C PUT prefetch_cnt=1/0
16:28:02.845 strm1602783C !Jitter buffer starts returning normal frames
(after 15 empty/lost)
16:28:02.927 strm1602783C jb updated(2), lvl=2 pre=0, size=1
16:28:03.161 strm1602783C VAD re-enabled
16:28:03.161 strm1602783C Starting silence
16:28:03.699 strm1602783C Jitter buffer empty (prefetch=0), plc invoked
16:28:05.374 Master/sound Underflow, buf_cnt=0, will generate 1 frame
16:28:05.375 Master/sound Underflow, buf_cnt=0, will generate 1 frame
16:28:15.405 strm1602783C jb updated(2), lvl=10 pre=0, size=9
16:28:15.405 strm1602783C Jitter buffer starts returning normal frames
(after 9 empty/lost)

Thanks and Regards,
Sumit Gambhir
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