SDL Crash

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Hello, I’m working with a fairly recent copy of libsdl for linux (rh 7.1
with a few modifications), SDL was built from source XFree86 4.0.2…
I’m doing some OpenGL work with SDL and when run “in the wild” upon exiting
my program (SDL_Quit()) is called…
I get
SDL Crash … parachute deployed…
XIO: Fatal IO Error 9 (bad file descriptor) on X Serv :0.0 after 12129 requests(
12128 known processed) with 0 remaining
using gdb the segfault is around libc_free called from SDL_Quit() and XCloseDisplay()…
running under electric fence I can not recreate this error…
my question is, is this SDL, XFree86 or my program?
this program is a project for the uni so I’d like to hand it in without
having to explain that weird crash at the end:)

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I’m doing some OpenGL work with SDL and when run “in the wild” upon exiting
my program (SDL_Quit()) is called…

It is possible that the accelerated OpenGL video driver
is buggy. At least for me, Matrox G400 here at uni
manages to crash the whole machine to no-response-to-anything
-state if I actively flip virtual desktops of fvwm2.

I also run into a rather nasty problem. My program
compiled and linked nicely, but middle of startup
(display was already set up and drawn few frames)
I got an error:

BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER dl-runtime.c: 67: fixup: Assertion
`((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 7’ failed!

I was able to repeat this with and without hardware
acceleration. I guess the bug in the driver messed
up badly some things. The next day (machine probably
was booted) it worked again.

(I did try distclean & configure, it wasn’t because
of broken files in there)

I have also been able to produce effect of being
kicked out of X right back to login without any
messages. My conclusion is that I can not trust
linux video drivers any more than Windows drivers;
they are all evil :smiley:

So first try and see if your program works fine
when using sotware only rendering. If this is the
case, the problem is in video driver, and not your

– Timo Suoranta – @Timo_K_Suoranta