SDL_CreateWindow() with no flags causes monitor mode switch


I’ve switched over to SDL2 from 1.2 recently. Everything has been
working fine for me so far, one thing however I find surprising. If I
call SDL_CreateWindow() like this:

SDL_CreateWindow (“Test Window”, 0, 0, 800, 480, 0);

the screen goes black and the monitor acts as if it was switching modes
(resolutions). After a short while, it emerges back in the original
display mode/resolution and shows the SDL window.

Note that I don’t specify the fullscreen flag so I’d expect the window
to just come up.

Also, this only happens on my (old) desktop PC (Debian with current
Debian SDL2 packages and Debian-packaged NVidia binary driver, GeForce
6600). It works as expected on my netbook.

It’s just an annoyance but still I was wondering if there’s a way to get
rid of this.

Thanks in advance!