SDL CVS server issue


cvs diff -d -u -N > mypatch.patch is not working with the SDL server it

I’m getting this at the top of the patch:

? test/testactuator.c
Index: include/SDL_joystick.h===================================================================
RCS file: /home/sdlweb/,v
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -d -u -r1.5 SDL_joystick.h

Basically -N should consider that test/testactuator.c is a new file and
include it in the patch. The work around would be to either make a diff
using my local one, but this should not be necessary really. In that
paste you can see -N is missing for the patch, that means the server
does not support it but my client does.

I refreshed my knowledge of the man pages but did not find a solution,
so I believe the CVS server version must be very old.

Could the maintainer of the server take a look at upgrading please?