SDL digest, Vol 1 #431 - 46 msgs

No, I think the source can always be put into MPEG format. Thanks for
the pointer to smpeg and (Ryan) to glmovie.c.> is AVI an immutable requirement?

if not, then consider using MPEG content which, I think,
is more desirable because the format is less platform-specific
and is well supported in SGL with the smpeg library.

On Sat, 2002-06-29 at 15:07, Gib Bogle wrote:

I want to develop code to play AVIs within my SDL-based application,
which uses OpenGL for all graphics. I understand that TextureMaps are
the way to go, and have learned a lot from NeHe’s tutorial on this
subject (Lesson 35). But Nehe’s code is quite Windows-dependent,
particularly in that it uses the Video for Windows library, and I am
working exclusively with Linux. I have downloaded the source for the
avifile package, but I find it a bit daunting, and anyway it doesn’t use
OpenGL (as far as I can tell). My plan was to look at how avifile reads
AVIs, and attempt to adapt it for my purposes. But before heading down
that rather rocky trail, I thought I’d check first to see if there might
be an easier path. Are there some code examples that I should know