SDL digest, Vol 1 #620 - 12 msgs

Hi Marc,
I created some libs for BCB 6 which hopefully should be compatible
with BCB 3. The whole Borland C++ Builder Package can be downloaded from

As well as including BCB 6 projects it also includes Kylix 3 project
files ( C++ Builder for Linux ), should you choose to you BCB for
Windows and Linux development.

Also if you purchase Kylix 3 the above package should be included on the
Companion CD under JEDI.

I hope this proves usefull.

If you make any improvements to the package please let me know so that I
can fold your changes into the one mentioned above so that other BCB
users may benefit from it.



Marc Essinger wrote:> Hi,

first of all i wish everybody a merry christmas. I need to create a lib
file for my Borland 3 IDE ( i know it is quite old ). So i used implib
found in the bin directory and invoked it as follows:

implib -c sdl.lib SDL.dll( its the 1.2.5 version )

And i get :
Error SDL.dll: unknown file type.

Does anybody have a solution or is the dll file too “new” for my old
implib. Will a newer implib work with my borland 3 compiler ?