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sage SDL Audio folks.

Please, forgive me for asking about a problem for which there may not
be =
an SDL Audio Solution.=20

I want to play buffered audio samples (memory buffer) within a =
Carbonized OS X application. I don’t think I can use SDL Audio to
solve =
my problem (I can’t Carbonize SDL Audio can I ?) plus theres the issue

of of SDL_Init and the main.=20

You can use SDL Audio. The audio subsystem does not require the main()
hack, just SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_AUDIO). SDL’s audio is already Carbonized.
With CodeWarrior, you can compile a Carbonized version of SDL that
works in both OS X and OS 9 (though the video subsystem is not
optimized for Carbon/CFM, the audio subsystem shouldn’t have any

It looks to me like Apple has completely trashed the SoundManager with

respect to playing buffered audio samples under Carbon ?
Can someone =
please confirm or deny this for me ?

No. We use the CarbonSound API for the SDL implementation, and it works
great (in both OS 9 and OS X). FYI, just because SndPlayDoubleBuffer()
went away does not mean you can’t do double buffering. Apple has
example code that demonstrates this.On Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 01:11 AM, sdl-request at wrote:

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