SDL Digest, Vol 10, Issue 28

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A webcam/video camera api would be very useful.

The APIs for those are fairly stable on linux/osx/windows.

It also opens up another form of input for games, and therefore many
new game types.

I know there is code for windows, and linux with SDL… and maybe
there’s some OSX code lying around somewhere too. So it’s probably a
case of people doing the hard work in putting them all together and
coming up with a sensible API which works with each of them.

Yes, a video capture device API would be great, I’ve done some work on
it in windows, and it is absolutely horrible… You need to use
DirectShow, which in itself is not that difficult, but if you would like
to acces the actual framedata, you are entering a world of hurt.
Anyway, it’s very possible, as VLC already does it on all three
platforms. As it is open source, it should not be all that difficult to
incorporate it into SDL.> Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:47:41 +1000

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