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I’ve tried to make the image of 320x240 20% bigger(384 x 288)
on my pc that has a proc Athlon64 3500+(2,2 GHZ)
and it can’t do it at 60fps.
I don’t know the processor usage of this kind of work but think my proc
get 60fps with the image going to 800x600.
It can’t get even the 20% its nos acceptabel for me.
Thanks for the answers.

I think you are using the wrong algorithm to stretch the image it cannot be
so slow…

I think you should be easily reach 60fps for anything smaller than 1280 x
1024 if you use software surfaces and do not blit more then 2 or 3 times
number of pixels of the screen.

Please note that HW surfaces give some advantage only with full screen
double buffering, only if you don’t use alpha blending and only on windows,
so don’t bother using them.

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That is wht I was thinking, I haven’t time to test Sprig yet and how SDL_gfx
didn’t work( I think is someting about my surface beeing 16 bits) and my
lack of knowledge I thouth SDL would be so slow( some people saying about
lack of HW on the net). I’ll try Sprig to see if is is faster and revise my
code( maybe there’s some slow down fing on it), Thanks.> Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:34:42 +0200

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