SDL Digest, Vol 49, Issue 123

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I believe nintendo DS days are going to be over soon because of the upcoming
release of the nintendo 3DS.
Maybe the DS port can be migrated to 3DS

I don’t think the 3DS is similar enough to the DS to make migration worthwhile
(biggest HW change is the GPU). I suggest that the 3DS backend should be forked
from the DS one.

The 3DS is going to be compatible with DS software, so there honestly
shouldn’t be any real need for that. If it turns out that there’s some
great new API that the DS/3DS maintainer wants to use then the backend
can be forked at that point, but there’s honestly no reason to do it
right now. Nintendo has traditionally had the sense to maintain 1-2
generation backwards compatibility on their handhelds.> Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 11:23:47 -0500

From: Chris Eineke
To: SDL Development List
Subject: Re: [SDL] Nintendo DS maintainer?
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