SDL Digest, Vol 60, Issue 35

Well in such case, what one does is to have a fallback. It’s nuisance,
as SDL is already a “fallback” (in very good sense) for what’s in
general missing, but once you get around it, it’s not that big piece of
a code.

I have a project that uses cairo, SDL, and among others even glfw (glut,
SDL alternative for OpenGL only), and it works even on arm cpus with
Linux, such as the SmartTop/SmartBook from (Efika MX)

That sounds like a great way to maximize the number of users you can

Don’t know if it helps, but there’s also a minimal implementation of OpenGL
called TinyGL
( ). Might be able to use that as a fallback
library if the OpenGL library doesn’t work as expected on a system.
LauraOn Wed, Dec 21, 2011, Dimiter ‘malkia’ Stanev wrote: