SDL Digest, Vol 79, Issue 54

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Alright. I’ve continued to work on the new website. I did my best to
consider the suggestions from our community.
Sam focused mostly on content and text.

This is what I’ve done lately:

  • bigger SDL Logo
  • highlighted (blue) the “download-hint-box” at the the top of the page
  • decreased min-(page-)width to ~ 600px
  • added 3 more header-backgroundimages
  • these header-backgroundimages load at random on each pageload.
  • built a theme-switcher (see footer) (remembers your setting, if you
    use a HTML5 browser with local storage (should be default))

Go here : (Press “F5”, if you can’t see any

Looks pretty good. One note:
The public keys on the download pages are too small to read well. I
can just copy’n’paste (Windows), but there are probably some *nix
folks out there that don’t have such a good time of it. Perhaps use a
top & bottom border to distinguish them instead of size?

Sam and I are not sure about the header images and we need your help:

My suggestion is, that we leave out the header images.
I was surprised how well the dark theme turned out. (Thanks for the
guy(s) who suggested that!)

I was thinking that the images might be important for the look of the
"light" theme, but on looking at other pages, I guess not. Definitely
they aren’t important on the dark theme, they might even cause too
much “noise” if added.> Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 21:49:16 +0200

From: Julian Winter
To: SDL Development List
Subject: Re: [SDL] New website: feedback requested!