SDL Digest, Vol 8, Issue 12

Games that take one coder (who knows his way around graphics and audio
editors), not 2 coders, 10 graphic artists, 35 level designers and 50
testers to produce.

I totally agree, if we were in a large team with a budget of three million
pounds to make our games, i don’t think we would be using SDL, as the
company would want it all in house and they would hire someone who knows D3d
and Open GL inside out. Don’t get me wrong SDL is awesome, and its easier
than having to go through all ddsd caps stuff too.

SDL is Simple Its Great and it does what it says on the tin, so if its not
broken please please don’t fix it. by all means make it faster, but don’t do
it at the expense of it working on low end machines, at the end of the day
we make games for download, not for sale in the shops, our end users are
mostly women, mostly 35+ and mostly have no idea what an accelerated
graphics card is, let alone in their PC has one or not.

Trish x