SDL Disasteroids3D v1.1b - a SDL conversion of this excellent OpenGL game


I spent a few (too many) hours converting this great win32 OpenGL game to
use SDL+OpenGL (i.e., SDL >= 1.1 I believe). The packaging is a bit
rough, but the game runs nicely (at least on my Voodoo3, software GL
works, but slowly of course).

Its SDL Disasteroids 3D (based on the original win32 Disasteroids 3D). A
very slick rendition of a classic game done with OpenGL style. As a bonus
it also plays very nicely too (if a bit on the difficult side - dang
flying saucers).

The full source and a Linux/x86 binary is available from:

But it can’t stay there for long, perhaps it could live on the SDL page?

I had trouble using autoconf (I think because its a C++ file), so I have
also included a binary for those who have trouble building it (and are in
a trusting mood :). Other than SDL, it only requires SDL_mixer and is
only one (large) C++ file, so shouldn’t be too hard to build (even if you
have to fiddle with the Makefile by hand a bit).

The original Win32 version and some more information is at:

Xark - @Xark

P.S. I hope to clean it up a bit, tidy the packaging and get it tested on
some other SDL platforms in the near future. Feel free to report any
problems to me (or better yet, send patches). :slight_smile: