SDL donations updated

The donations page has been updated:

Vincent Vansuyt and Matthew Kuiken have made generous donations toward SDL development.

Thank you very much!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

SDL Announcements wrote:

The donations page has been updated:

Go go magic donator people power!!

OOoh, Logitech gave you a G15? Original or the orange V2? Gogo magic
corporate donor power as well!

The cable on the back of my original G15 has broken off. It’ll be
interesting, when I open it up later today, to find out what’s fallen
inside it. I suspect I’ll discover a lot of internal coffee stains =))
Thing that ticked me off is somehow I kinda expected just plugging in a
USB cable to one of the extra ports would permit it to work - no such joy :frowning: