SDL Error


I would appreciatte any posible help.

Let me introduce the situation. I’m using SDL in order to be able to make
SIP video Calls using PJSIP, by now i’m able to do it on PC with ubuntu
12.04 LTS, the thing is that i’m trying to compile this on the Beagleboard
XM, with Ubuntu 12.04 ARM, as well the project PJSIP AND SDL compiles just
fine, but when i tried to make a video call i got next message on Beagle
board XM:

sdl_dev.c Stopping sdl video stream

And the receiver got:

The key you just pressed is not recognized by SDL.

    To help get this fixed, please report this to the
    SDL mailing list sdl at
    X11 KeyCode 220 (212), X11 KeySym 0x1008FF8F (XF86WebCam).-- 

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