SDL Examples on Android


I would like to have a look at examples of SLD developments on Android. Can someone give me a name? Or is there somewhere even a directory?

Thanx, Michael.

if IM not mistake there is not example at all but there is a template of an android project in the source folder of SDL , if you have the current version of android studio you could import the project a set it. I cant remember how to put some vars to make the gradle reconize the cpp/c source code, please somebody tell or later Im put some example if I can find it.

I’m aware of that template. But I’d like to see examples of finished games, which were created on the basis of SDL, and are now available in the Goggle Playstore for download.


It’s not in the Play Store, and it’s not a game (although a few games are included), but you are welcome to try my BBC BASIC app at

There are many example programs included (all written in BBC BASIC of course), some of which have a text-only interface, some are 2D graphics and some use 3D (OpenGL ES) graphics, so it’s quite a good demonstration of what SDL2 is capable of on Android.

Considering that in all cases there is the overhead of the BBC BASIC interpreter, as well as SDL2, it also demonstrates that performance is in general quite acceptable for these kinds of programs.