SDL Failed to Init: wayland not available

I am new to SDL. I want to cross compile SDL and move it to arm embedded linux system, the video driver is wayland.

In virtual machine fedora 38(it use wayland not x11), it is easy to compile and the sdl test program testgles2 does not need wayland library?(ldd testgles, it shows testgles need, and it runs ok in fedora 38

I cross compile sdl ,it need,, , i copy them to arm linux system, but when i run i get SDL Failed to Init: wayland not available. what i miss in arm environment ? weston or wayland-protocols ? how to solve the problem

some information maybe useful
The board: CPU :sunxi A40i armv7l
The GPU :Mali 400 , library , and are soft link pointed to
SDL : 2.24.2
wayland: 1.18