SDL for Falcon Programming Language - Need help


We have recently started the development of an SDL module (actually, a module
set) for a new Open Source scripting language called Falcon:

As we lack both expertise in SDL and hands, we’re searching for wishful people
willing to join our project and help us completing the binding.

Falcon has some interesting features that are particularly effective for
wrapping a library as SDL; among the others, automatic and on-request fast
reflection of C structures into language types and direct access to multi-byte
memory buffers.

A multi-module structure (sdl base and sdl-ttf) with automatic documentation
feature and generic project setup is already in place and ready for immediate
deploy into well known Linux distros; it is just waiting for hands willing to

In case you’re interested, subscribe to the NG on the site, or jump in the chat
channel that is indicated on our home page, or reply here.

Giancarlo Niccolai.