SDL_FULLSCREEN and xscreensaver


I am trying to turn my SDL program into a screen saver using the famous
xscreensaver (Red Hat Linux 6.1).
As I already expected before :wink: the “virtual root window” approach from
xscreensaver and SDL_FULLSCREEN are not really compatible. As soon as
xscreensaver launches my SDL application, it appears just in normal
window mode, and in a rather flickering way, as xscreensaver seems to
constantly clear the screen again. After about 15 seconds, xscreensaver
wins and my app is gone, the screen is black.
Before I dive into xscreensaver and hack out the "virtual root window"
thing tomorrow, I wanted to ask: Has anyone tried this before? Is there
is simple trick to solve the problem? (There is one message in the
mailing list that suggests this to be easy…)


Yep, I have got it running now. Required quite a lot if changes in
various xscreensaver sources, so I won’t add them here. Just contact me
if you need them!