Sdl game development book (or path) recomendation

Hi, everybody!

I’m brand new to the forum, SDL, and programming in general. I’ve been studying c++ for 3 month now and around a month with SDL (specifically "SDL gem development, by Shaun Mitchell) and several other more generic tutorials.

Obviously, my goal is to make a game, and c++ and SDL seemed solid options.

So… the question is: what book/s do you recommend for learning SDL OOP oriented game development (beyond the one mentioned above) or what path (at the moment courses are not really an option, but that can change in the future) you think I should take?

For those who know the book, I’m at the part where starts with “data driven design” and so far (with the exception of the countless errors and/or omissions it has, which, by the way, are making me learn even deeper) I’ve been able to grasp mostly everything it explained.

Thank you all in advance!