SDL Games Fullscreen and Wiimote as Mouse Pointer Problem


I am using my Wiimote Controller as a mousepointer with the SensorBar in Windows 7.
I play Adventure Games with couch + TV + Wiimote. supercool!

All SDL Adventuers (Satinavs Ketten, Whispered World, SCUMMVMGAMES) don’t work in FULLSCREEN mode (only in windowed mode).
The problem:
it seems that the actual mousepointer field is only very very small! i move my Wiimote only one millimeter and the curser in game goes from one end to the other.

All DirectX games work perfectly!

i have to use GlovePie (Programm to script Wiimote mousepointer in Windows).
also tested with Wiimouse programm, but the same problem.

Is there a posibility to grab the winmouseinput and convert it to SDL compatible input?
or is it a problem with absolute inpput or relative input?
are there SDL flags, commands etc. to hack the games?
What is the difference between windowed mode and fullscreenmode and thair coresponding mouseinput methods? because windowed mode is working!

thanks in advance!