SDL_GetKeyName no M for French AZERTY keyboard


I use the SDL example at\bCategoryEnum\b)|(CategoryKeyboard)


//checks if a key is being remapped and prints what the remapping is
if(event->key.keysym.scancode != SDL_GetScancodeFromKey(event->key.keysym.sym))
printf(“Physical %s key acting as %s key”,

I use SDL-1.3.0-5605 (same issue with other version of 1.3 I tested)
compiled with Visual C++ 2008 Express
Windows XP SP2
Keyboard in French(France),

SDL_GetKeyName seems ok:

Physical Q key acting as A key
Physical W key acting as Z key
Physical E key acting as E key
Physical R key acting as R key
Physical T key acting as T key
Physical Y key acting as Y key

but when I press the M (; in English(US) I got
Physical M key acting as

and no key on my keyboard can return M

and when I press the ! (M in English(US) I got

Please could you help?