SDL_GetModState question, sam, anyone? please?

I have been trying to detect whether or not a person is holding down the
shift and escape key at the same time, I figured that SDL_GetModState
would be the function to detect that SDLK_LSHIFT is being held down.
However, I have been unable to successfully figure out how to use
SDL_GetModState. I really need someone to explain how this function
works :expressionless: None of the examples that I found on the SDL page, or in the
SDL package use this function. Is it obsolote or deprecated now?

Thanks for your time,

P.S. Two Examples of my pitiful attempt to figure out SDL_GetModState

The 1st one:
Uint8 *keys;
keys = SDL_GetKeyState(NULL);
if(SDL_GetModState() == KMOD_LSHIFT) {

The 2nd one:
Uint8 *keys;
keys = SDL_GetKeyState(NULL);
if ((SDL_GetModState() == SDLK_LSHIFT) && (keys[SDLK_ESCAPE] ==

Try this one (untested)

if ( (SDL_GetModState() & KMOD_SHIFT) && (keys[SDLK_ESCAPE] == SDL_PRESSED) )

Make sure that you are calling SDL_PumpEvents() to run the OS event loop.

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at

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