SDL GSoC project reporting in

Hello SDL community!

The second sprint of GSoC project called “SDL Test Coverage” is over. The
project is evolving and during the previous sprint the logging part of the
test harness got most of the attention. The harness can now log using two
different methods. The default logging method is so called plain logger
which simply prints the information to the screen. In addition, the harness
can also log in XML with optional XSL stylesheet. The project also supplies
a easily-replaceable, basic stylesheet.

Plans for the third sprint include fine tuning the harness and adding
support for fuzz testing. Fine tuning includes such things as enabling the
harness to kill hung tests. Naturally, I’m going to write new tests for the
harness, too.

Here’s some links:
Project wiki:
Sprint 2 retrospective:
Sprint 3 sprintlog:
Example of XML log:

All sorts of feedback is appreciated.

Markus Kauppila