SDL Gui's

At this time I’m using SDL to display a large YUV overlay and
use bitmaps for the gui background. The user events are handles thru a
buttton location lookup, ie when there user clicks the mouse I look if
there’s any buttons at that location. While this works ok and provides
Linux/Windows compatibility, expending the app to do simple things like
file section and user input is going to be unpractical.

I’ve noticed a couple GUI libs on the, but I’m wondering which
GUI lib would be best suited for my commercial Linux/Windows app?



gtksdl - a generic GTk widget that provides an interface to SDL

GUIlib - a C++ GUI widget library

LibUTA - a C++ GUI toolkit library

OpenGUI - a high-Level C/C++ graphics library

ParaGUI - a C++ GUI library with style/theme support

SDL_gui - a C GUI widget library


I think paraGUI is a good solution, cause it looks very simple to program and
got a lot of features.