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whaut, you dont think i can drink 4 gallons of juice a week?

how much is a gallon?

approx 4 liters

a gallon is 4 quarts, a quartis aproxamately a liter

I think you can, but check your blood sugar levels, and make sure
your body is coping with the sugar. 1 of 7 people get diabeties (and
its on the rise for some reason).

hmmm…we go through about 4-6 gallons of coke here a week

so thats avg about 2.3 liters a day

well, I think if you did, all your bacteria in your digestive
parts would go crazy and you end up with shipping every 5 minutes

thats not that hard to do, you must take a lot of trips to the
bathroom though





Long live the confused,
Bother! said Pooh, as he transcended this plane.

How about this one:

[11:59:38] akawaka| the way i see it the Xbox gives you all the
disadvantages of a pc without any of the advantages