Sdl_image and sdl_ttf under cygwin/mingw

I’m using cygwin/mingw to produce Win32 binaries of code originally
meant for Linux, and everything as far as SDL goes worked great (the
precompiled binaries). I was wondering if such thing existed for
SDL_image and SDL_ttf? I know cygwin offers a libpng package (the only
part of SDL_image I use) but SDL_image’s configure script doesn’t seem
to be able to detect it, and I can’t find a freetype for Win32 (although
I’m sure there is). Does anyone have a cygwin/mingw build of these two
libraries? I think it’d be great if somebody could post them because
neither of them seem to compile under cygwin/mingw.

Also, as a note, using cygwin's native gcc compiler, I was unable to

get SDL to compile. After compiling a few objects, it calls “lib” or
"libtool" and that command does not exist (I installed all development
packages and could not find such a command, although I know it’s used on
Linux all the time). Is SDL broken under native cygwin gcc?

Thanks for your time.–
Chris Thielen <@Christopher_Thielen>