SDL_Init function

I’m very new here, since today so, hello everyone …

I’m also new with SDL, and wanted to use it for some programs I like to make in C++.

I installed codeblocks 17.12, and downloaded SDL2.
I want also to understand C++, (I 'm a BASIC user since GW basic(ho I’m old)), and like to switch to C++.

And I have my first question,
where can I find the SDL_init() function ?

best regards,

PS: sorry for my english,

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

As long as you’ve properly linked the SDL library to your project, you should be able to use/execute a SDL-specific function, SDL_Init() in this case, by just including SDL.h and then call the specific function. Have you had any issues and/or error messages while trying to execute the above mentioned function?