SDL ios create new function


I search a tuto for creating a new function sdl ios. is it possible ?


I don’t fully understand what you mean, but I’m assuming that you want to access some ios platform functionality that is not provided by SDL currently. You can create your own Objective-C file and do the ios specific stuff there. Just create a normal C interface for you to call from your C/C++ code. You can also call your own C functions from Objective-C code.

You can get an ios UIWindow* window pointer with SDL_GetWindowWMInfo if you need to reference that in you Objective-C code.

I’m a little lost, I’m looking for one or more examples ?

What are you trying to do more specifically?

hello ollika,
Add functions, participate in this library…

I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to just add ios specific functionality to you own program that is using SDL. I don’t think there is any official guide or process for contributing.

The best ways to contribute are:

  • If you see a bug or a missing feature, make note of it at
  • If want to fix bugs, Bugzilla has hundreds of open bugs, take literally any one of them and work on it. You don’t even have to send a patch in, it’s even useful if people research them (find good ways to reproduce them, document them better, test on various configurations, etc).
  • If you want to contribute a patch, make sure it’s in Bugzilla…preferably as an attachment so it won’t be lost, but at least mentioned somewhere we can find it later…if it isn’t in bugzilla, we are almost certain to forget about it or lose it.

We like conversation about bugs here, too, but if it’s not in Bugzilla, it’s possible it will be lost to history.

Oh! More things:

  • Come here and answer questions for people (like @ollika and more people than I can count have been doing recently; thank you!).
  • Get an account on and improve the documentation.
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Why not, if you an example I would be happy