SDL_KEYDOWN events failing on numbers and letters

I have a Peculiar issue but I don’t think it is necessarily a SDL issue.
So I am developing a game on Linux, on a Dell Latitude E5500, running Manjaro Linux.
my issue is when I poll events for SDL_KEYDOWN, no letters or numbers get detected.
Only arrow keys, function keys, shift, enter, tab, etc. trigger a SDL_KEYDOWN event
same response with both scancodes and keycodes. same response with SDL_GetKeyBoardState function.
It also behaves the same on a usb keyboard.
I think I am having a Environment issue not a programing issue.

So I think what my real question is, What does SDL2 use to get keyboard input?
libinput/libevdev from xorg?

I have spent a long time researching and all of my research keep taking me to systemd with udev, what my OS is useing for keyboard layout it would appear.
Is their a way to link the Keycodes and Scancodes from udev to evdev or import them?
am I asking the wrong questions?

About my PC
Dell Latitude E5500 laptop
OS: Manjaro Juhraya 18.1.0
Kernal : 4.19.79-1
SDL2 version 2.0.10-1 provided by my distro.
EDIT: What i found from udevadm command and evtest
I have Keyboard input working on device 3 it saysin both evtest, and in udevadm info. but SDL still doesn’t receive SDL_KEYDOWN events for letters or numbers. they evtest did have working letters and numbers though.

Should I uninstall my Distro’s SDL2 libraries and compile from source and install? I thought that Linking would automatically update changes.
After uninstalling and reinstalling libraries and now SDL_GetKeyboardState function is getting keys now. I am not sure what is causing it to work now and it wasn’t before.
I kinda wish I could get poll events and SDL_KeyboardEvents to update with SDL_KEYDOWN to trigger on number and letter keys, easier to reason with but I will figure a way to adjust my logic to make this work.
Still curious what is causing this behavior some one wanted to humor my curiosity that would be welcome.