SDL_LoadBMP bug?!?

I am loading my textures with SDL in this manner (on Win):

LoadGLTextures(&texture[0], "data/stucco1.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[1], "data/stucco2.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[2], "data/stucco3.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[3], "data/stucco4.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[4], "data/stucco5.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[5], "data/stucco6.bmp");
LoadGLTextures(&texture[6], "data/pav_ground.bmp");

And when i doing a reboot an try to execute the program the first time
i get the following error from SDL_LoadBMP(filename) :

“Unable to load data/pav_ground.bmp: Passed a NULL mutex”

The program only starts up when i try to start the program 5 times or
more. Ugly, so i tried do some SDL_Delays(100) between the Bitmap
loading and then it works evertime. I am using SDL 1.1.2 i will try
the latest snapshot if there is the same error.

Whats wrong here?–
Best regards,
Joern mailto:@Joern_Woerdehoff