SDL Logo

Hi all,

I think there should be more than one logo because we all have different

needs for it. Some want to print it on some papers, others want to display
it in their games’ introduction screen. I’ve tried to identify some of these
various requirements:

  • one logo may be designed with few colours, like 3-4, so that you could
    print it on your documents, web pages, etc. The goal is to have a standard
    design logo that can be identified anywhere, even on monochrome laser
    printings. Note: the original file could be a vectorial file instead of a
    bitmapped (raster) file to insure maximal definition with small (32x16) to
    huge (3000x1000) sizes. Then images could be created from it in any other
    file format;

  • one logo may be designed with 256 or more colours. It should be animated,
    that’s the main point. The animation should be nice (of course) but must run
    fast on low-end systems with only SDL dependancy and no 3D acceleration
    available. That’s why we would use simple effects (like color cycling)
    rather than heavy calculated or “video memory bandwidth eating” effects. The
    goal is to provide SDL users with a nice logo they could display on their
    game introduction, a logo that would look the same on all systems (with 256+
    colour displays of course);

  • (optionnal) one logo may be programmed with OpenGL, so that SDL+OpenGL
    users could display an awesome logo in their game introduction. This one
    could show advanced effects, like antialiased rotozoom and procedural
    texture. Note: this one should be fast and nice run on any OpenGL 1.1 (or an
    upper version) compliant system with accelerated 3D, and small enough on
    file size not to overbloat the main program.

Feel free to discuss it on the SDL mailing list, this is only my opinion,
not necessarily yours (and I expect it isn’t). I’m just trying to clarify
things, and make the
stuff go onward.

Best Regards,
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