'SDL_main' : function assumed not to throw an exception

In my code, I do sometimes throw exceptions. I am using Visual Studio 2012.

What I want is to set the terminate handler so that it can pop up a dialog box saying what went wrong. Visual Studio apparently won’t let you do this in Debug mode… or not in Debug mode.

I do get a warning if there is an exception in main:

warning C4297: ‘SDL_main’ : function assumed not to throw an exception but does

Is there a flag I can set to change this, or some other way?

I am writing a library for raw beginners who won’t know exceptions yet (and I don’t want to require it of them). That’s why I’m trying to use set_terminate – or even one of the dtors that should be called, but isn’t! – rather than the obvious solution of a try-catch block in main.