SDL + Mesa + Windows = troubles?


I’m using the SDL for an OpenGL project. Most of the time it works just fine
under Windows with the regular MS OpenGL libs and the ICD drivers.
Unfortunately one of the dev. machines, a laptop, doesn’t really have
uptodate ICD driver. Thus I wanted to use Mesa GL to have a complete
software renderer supporting OpenGL 1.4.

While I can compile Mesa fine, and link the project using the SDL with
MesaGL.lib instead of MS’s OpenGL32.lib, the program will crash as soon as I
run it.
The problem is that even if SDL reports that it created an OpenGL window
there is no valid context, ex. glGetString(GL_RENDERER) returns NULL.

I’m thinking that maybe I have to modify and recompile the SDL in a way to
tell it to link with MesaGL instead of MS lib?
Am I missing something?
Is it possible that SDL is still using MS wgl functions instead of using the
one given by MesaGL ?

I’m using my own OpenGL header, which expects external but staticly linked
entry points for OpenGL 1.1 and 1.0.
1.2 and above entry points are retrieved at runtime with
The linker gave no error thus I suppose that MesaGL correctly gives the
1.0/1.1 entry points.

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