SDL, MinGW, and QT

Hi all,

I downloaded SDL-1.2.7 for MinGW from the libsdl web site. I am using
MinGW version 3.3.1. I am using QT 3.3.3. I am doing all of this on

I am using the SDL_WINDOWID environment variable to attach SDL to a QT
window. When the window is executed it looks like SDL takes control of
the window. This means that the close events or mouse events are all
controlled by SDL. I would have expected that QT would have been in
control seeing as the SDL app is inside the QT window.

This does not happen in Linux. In Linux the close event is handled by
the QT code rather than the SDL code.

I have found out the above as I have written code that polls for the
events and just does print statements when they happen.

Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks in advance.


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