SDL_mixer 1.2.8binaries for win32

The libogg and libvorbis binaries included in the Win32 SDL_mixer 1.2.8
binary distribution are a lot smaller than those same files in the
previous 1.2.7 release. When I replace the 1.2.7 files with the 1.2.8
versions SDL_mixer no longer works*. What I have ended up doing is using
the libogg and libvorbis binaries from 1.2.7 with sdl_mixer 1.2.8, and
this seems to work. The documentation does not mention anything
different. Does SDL_mixer 1.2.8 now expect ogg and vorbis to be a
separate install from SDL_mixer?

  • By ‘SDL_mixer no longer works’, I mean that I cannot load the 1.2.8
    versions of libogg-0.dll, libvorbis-0.dll and libvorbisfile-3.dll.


  • Luke