SDL_Mixer and diacritics


I apologize in advance for my English, anywhere in the forums I could not find an answer to your problem and so I appeal to you.

I have a problem with opening music in MP3 format. If you pass a function Mix_LoadMUS file name without diacritics is opened without problems.

If, however, deliver a file name with accented characters generates a return error “MPEG file does not have Any audio stream.” But is the file name to remove accents and everything is alright.

file name loaded from a file in UTF-8 and iconv library is transformed into CP1250 which is native to my Windows Vista.

I use Codeblock 10.05, and Mingw4.4.1 SDL_mixer1.2.11

the debugger I got the hand over

0xe7a4e0: 6d 65 64 69 61 2f 41 75 | 64 69 6f 2f 43 6f 6c 6f Media / Audio / Colo
0xe7a4f0: 72 61 64 6f 2f 30 31 20 | 52 68 79 70 6f 6e 6c 6f rado/01 Rohypnol
0xe7a500: 6f 20 70 20 74 65 74 ec | 2e 6d 70 33 00 00 00 00 tet?.mp3 after …

Hex value of 33 is, in encoding cp1250 equal e

if I try to pass under Unix accents in UTF-8 is fine. Please can you advise me how to use accents in encoding CP1250 ?

Thank you in advance