SDL_Mixer and tremor problems in Symbian ^3

Hi to all,

I would appreciate your help on this…
I compiled the latest SDL_Mixer for Symbian ^3 with OGG support and the
tremor library.
I use sdl.
I do all these in Carbide.c++ Version 3.3.0 and several SDKs.

It plays the WAV files ok but I have 2 problems:

  1. When I play an OGG music file, it starts playing it and stops after one
    It always does that regardless of the file. After that, the app has no
    sound whatsoever.
  2. When I exit the app, and played a sound file, it crashes and remains
    open forever!
  3. I cannot debug the app because it aways says: Cannot debug ***, ensure
    the DEBUGGABLE[_UDEBONLY] flag is set in MMP (permission denied)
    But I have set the DEBUGGABLE_UDEBONLY flag already!

Are that bugs known?
Do you know what might be the problem?

I have compiled several versions of SDL_Mixer and tremor but I always get
the same results.

Waiting or your help,