SDL Mixer: Issue linking all-inclusive static lib under MinGW [clarification]

I made a small error. In my last post, transcribed here, I included the
word “Reply” in the title. This is a result of an elaborate and
overcomplicated typo.
As stated previously, any help would be appreciated.----------------------

Hey there.

I’m developing a game using SDL 1.2.13 and SDL_Mixer 1.2.8,
among other extensions, under MinGW.

I built SDL_Mixer from the makefile using a carbon copy of my
compiler [this shouldn’t affect anything] and am having this issue:

When I link SDL_Mixer.dll.a with my program and include the DLL,
[not installed in system32, and the DLL from the SAME make]
sound works fine.

But when I link SDL_Mixer.a, removing dependence on the DLL, the
program builds and runs, but the chunksize for sound effects is
about 4096 or 5512. [a quarter of a second at 22050 hz]

I stress that all my materials are from the same source distro and
make operation. [using MSYS/MinGW] Some additional details:

-No LibOGG/LibVorbis/SMPeg included. Only Mixer source.
-Running XP / AMD Athalon / CodeBlocks / MinGW with GCC 3.4.5

What can I do to run properly without the DLL?

Evan Balster