SDL_mixer latency problem

Sam Lantinga wrote:

It sounds like you are running ESD and SDL is using it because it can’t
get to the audio device directly. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen
that kind of latency.

Yup, there’s an esd process. The latency isn’t that bad, after all, just
little worse than before. The significantly better mixing more than
makes up for the
latency - I’ve stopped noticing it! Sounds like I could adjust the
setup if I cared (not SDL related), and that most other users won’t see

SDL has control of the audio […] so helper
apps will probably not be able to open the audio device for playback.
MUSIC_CMD was originally designed for things like hardware MIDI playback
or a second sound card.

Fair enough

No problem. Try the SDL mailing list next time. :slight_smile:


Tom Gilbert