SDL_Mixer music restarting problem


I’m using SDL 1.2.14 and mixer 1.2.11, and I have this weird issue:

Every once in a while when I load up an MP3 and start playing it, it will play for about half a second, and then restart from the beginning again. I have no idea what on earth is causing this, and I can’t determine any sure-fire way to replicate it. It just pops up sometimes. I am not Mix_RewindMusic()ing or anything like that… Just loading and playing looped.

Less critical, but on a related note, when I fade a music out or halt it, and then start it again, it will begin playing with a little burst of what it was playing before. For instance, if I have a song that has a second of silence at the beginning, fade out or halt, and then Mix_PlayMusic() again later it will spit out a very split-second of sound and before playing the song. Obviously, this sounds really bad >_<

Has anyone else run into these problems and/or have any suggestions? I was surprised that I couldn’t find any mention of it online.

Thank you for your SDL-wisdom :slight_smile:

  • Scott